A Battle For Supremacy By Marvin W. Medley Jr.

It was pro wrestling Hall of Fame icon, Ric Flair, who proclaimed, “In order to be the man, you got to beat the man.” The Nature Boy probably was not referring to Silverback gorillas when he said this, but his statement holds true when applied to the gorilla species.

Male Silverback gorillas are the dominant leaders of their respective packs. Silverbacks are generally mind tempered by nature, but when an opposing male gorilla challenges a Silverback’s superiority within the pack, the stage is set for a great battle.

Silverback gorillas are most commonly found in the serene wilderness of Central and West Africa. So, northeast metropolitan Atlanta is the last place you would expect to see 11 Silverback gorillas preparing to engage in a display of physical prowess to defend their claim of supreme leader within their pack. But on Saturday, June 22, 2013, at 7:30 p.m., we can all watch 11 charging Silverbacks fight for superiority.

The North American Soccer League’s first place Atlanta Silverbacks are set to take on the defending league champions, the Tampa Bay Rowdies, a game that is sure to test the Silverbacks’ intestinal fortitude. The Rowdies, who are coming off of two consecutive final minute losses, will be looking to make a statement against the first place or pack leading Silverbacks.

The Silverbacks struggled to defend against Tampa Bay’s scoring attack in the past, but hopefully having the support of their home crowd in their multi-million dollar facility will give the Silverbacks the support they need.

Atlanta Silverback Park, located at 3200 Atlanta Silverbacks Way in Atlanta, houses four full-sized soccer fields. The biggest soccer field of course includes 5,000 stadium seats, and hosts the Silverbacks, the women’s semi-pro Atlanta Silverbacks and Atlanta’s Renegades Rugby Club.

The facility offers a 48,000 square-foot indoor climate controlled facility equipped with two turf fields perfect for flag football, seven on seven tournaments or other indoor sporting events. Sports DeKalb will be hosting Sports DeKalb Day at Atlanta Silverbacks Stadium this Saturday as well.

Sports DeKalb will be looking for volunteers to help throughout the summer with other special events. So if the Discovery Channel or the National Geographic pictures are not quite captivating enough for you, come witness in person 11 Silverbacks meet their adversary and try to stay ahead of the pack.

For tickets and more information, visit AtlantaSilverbacks.com.

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